Nathan Keyes
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YourMove is a campaign that I created for the YoungOnes Competition held in New York. The primary goal for this integrated campaign was to create a movement through different mediums that would help raise awareness towards the lack of strong paid paternity leave in the United States.  As you can see, the branding put behind YourMove is not Dove in the slightest. This was my goal. I wanted to separate Dove and almost treat it as a title sponsor for this campaign.

The campaign’s goal was to aim all attacking efforts at companies and corporations that have poor paid paternity leave programs. We did this through print, website, and social media.

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Our print ad’s were aimed at not only the corporations that fail to provided paternity leave, but the future employees that they are going to lose because of this. We wanted to create a strong visual presence that evoked emotions of sadness and anger to then propel people into the fight for paid paternity leave.

Our next part of the campaign is the website. Our website Is the hub and home for this movement. It contains not only all of the items we used to build our campaign but other key features to help support and call out companies for their paternity leave policies.

Below are a few mock ups of different pages we have on the site.

Our Installation

After developing a campaign idea as well as our first executions, print and website, we decided to take the fight to the people. We developed an installation that would be put in three major cities, Chicago, LA and New York. This installation would call out companies that do not offer paid paternity leave. It would be an interactive game for the user to play and hopefully be shocked by the end!