Nathan Keyes



About me…

Born and raised in the great state of Colorado, Nathan Keyes has been working toward perfecting and bettering his craft of visual arts mainly through the medium of photography. While photography is a major part of his life, it's not the only part. In his free time he enjoys to go rock climbing in Boulder Canyon, Morrison Colorado, and Joshua Tree California. He is an advertising and media production major in the school of CMCI at the University of Colorado Boulder. On top of that he is a marketing advisor and media production intern at UMBRLA CO, a digital content creator for buisness's ranging from websites, social media expansion, product photography, videography, lifestyle photography, and general outreach for clients customers through all online platforms. While his focus is in the arts and advertising, his true passion and goal in life is to continue respecting, loving, and capturing the essence of our planet through photography. One day he hopes to work for a company such as Patagonia to continue and support a mission to help our planet and the creatures that roam it.